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9:30pm Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown

8pm Sego

6:30pm The Hail Maries

5:10pm Falcon Heart

3:50pm Ships To Roam

2:30pm Lincoln's Beard

1:30pm Tito Padrino

12:30pm Manitoba Road Crew


9pm Jeshua Marshall Trio

7:30pm Left Lane Cruiser

6pm Glitterfox

4:30pm Thrown-Out Bones

3:10pm The Resolectrics

2pm Pale Imitations

12:45pm Bootleg Jam 

Tyler Bryant & the shakedown.jpg

Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown

Founded in Nashville, Tennessee by guitarist Tyler Bryant, the group has released five studio albums and six EPs and performed with major artists including Chris Cornell, AC/DC, Aerosmith, B.B. King, Jeff Beck, ZZ Top and Guns N’ Roses and has done several headlining tours across Europe and the UK. After a decade as a celebrated hard rock and blues group known for their high energy live sets, the band returned to its indie roots by releasing its 2022 full length album, “Shake The Roots,” under the group’s new independent label, Rattle Shake Records. Bryant told Rock & Blues Muse:
   “We spend so much time writing and recording, it’s time we start spending more time sharing our art with the people who care. We’ve seen how the soup gets made and are confident that any ingredients we are missing will be obtained. That’s the spirit of this band and has been since day one. We’ve built our fan base in such a grass roots way that it only makes sense. They want to support us and OUR collective cause. When I say “our,” I’m including the fans. They are the reason we feel confident enough to make this leap. This is the next logical step in our trajectory as a band and we are thrilled to offer up ‘Shake the Roots’ as the first release from Rattle Shake Records.”
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Left Lane Cruiser

Headed by singer/guitarist Freddy J IV with Brenn “Sausage Paw” Beck, Left Lane Cruiser is a bona fide blues rock band from the American mid-west. Left Lane Cruiser has been genuinely living the blues for over a decade, bringing its freestyle jams to crowds all over the world. “Shake and Bake”, the band’s latest album, was cooked up in a van rolling heavy on the highway, headed by two baked and juiced musicians, veering across the lines, desperately steering towards rest and redemption at the nearest parking lot. It is a record about the juice that keeps the crowd dancing, the smoke that keeps the minds lifted. This is as real it gets. Recorded “old school” analog by Jason Davis in his Fort Wayne’s studio, and with an album cover by legendary artist William Stout (Ramones, Fred McDowell, Iggy Pop), “Shake and Bake” has a heavy sound and a big heart. For Left Lane Cruiser the blues is enduring and easy to feel. (via Alive Records) 
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Los Angeles-based art-punk band Sego have unveiled their new single “Tandang” in anticipation of their upcoming third studio album. It marks the group’s first new release since their 2020 EP Life of Pam. Self-described as “art-punk by non-punk non-artists,” Sego toy with the fine balance of genres while embodying the avant-garde. First making a name for themselves in the LA music scene by hosting experimental DIY shows at their warehouse in Echo Park known as The Cube, their signature sound incorporates danceable punk injected with hints of funk, dance music, and indie pop. The new single “Tandang” roots itself in electro-funk grooves shifting in and out of a throbbing, percussive instrumental and sparse bassline. Frontman Spencer Petersen’s deadpan vocals lead the track, as he sings of his experience as an outsider struggling to connect. (By Grace Ann Natanawan, Consequence Sound)  
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Jeshua Marshall

At 16, Jeshua Marshall and his brother Jamin formed the grimy, fast, and loud punk band Larry And His Flask. Larry later morphed into one of the most instrumental Folk-Punk bands of their era, touring relentlessly and influencing the genre permanently. 
At the closing of Larry And His Flask in 2019, Jeshua immediately poured himself head over heels into the next chapter of his musical life. He began focusing on forming his smooth centered, and rough around the edges vocal style, and honing in on his honest and reflective lyrics. Jeshua released his debut solo album ‘Shoot The Moon’ in the midst of the pandemic in September 2021. He continues to grow his fanbase in the states and internationally with over one-hundred-thousand streams on Spotify and Youtube. Recently, Jeshua received the Best New Artist award from People’s Choice Award in his home of Bend, OR, and has received acclaim from local and international press. Having shared the stage with artists like, Dirtwire, Fishbone, Willy Tea Taylor, Beats Antique, Joshua Ray Walker, Possessed by Paul James, Danny Attack, Bridge City Sinners, and more.  

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Glitterfox is a Portland, OR-based indie folk band lead by married couple Solange Igoa and Andrea Walker with Eric Stalker and Blaine Heinonen on bass and drums. Since being named one of Portland’s “Best New Bands” by the Willamette Week in 2022, coming away from Oregon Country Fair 2022 one of the most buzzed-about breakout acts, and winning the 2023 High Sierra Music Festival Band Competition, Glitterfox has worked relentlessly to electrify their live show while honing in on the inimitable “west coast indie meets Southern Americana songwriting” style that defines Glitterfox song craft.  
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The Hail Maries

The Hail Maries are composed of Oregon born, now Los Angeles based sisters, Victoria and Makayla Wymer. They recorded their debut record in 2021 with producer Derek Thomas of Vista Kicks, and debuted their release in two parts: “Unrequited Love” and “Unrequited Love Part II”. Their music marries their nostalgic rock ‘n roll influences with classic blood harmonies, soul, and pop melodies. In 2022 alone, these ladies have spent over a third of their year on the road touring with Vista Kicks all around the world. They have had the opportunity to share the stage with artists such as Phoebe Bridgers, The War on Drugs, and The Rolling Stones at Hyde Park in London.  
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Thrown-Out Bones.jpg

Thrown-Out Bones

San Francisco-based swanky rock group Thrown-Out Bones is a band of rediscovery and celebration. Every performance is experimental and unique, every song a driving search for the truth of being human, and every fan essential to the collective energy of the experience. With over ten years of playing together, members Liliana Urbain [drums, lead vocals], Nick Chang [guitar, vocals], and Sam Miller [bass, vocals] have honed a unique, multi-genre musical language that slides from jazz to funk to rock to psychedelic jam breakdowns.  On stage, the joy they have playing together is infectious and electric, manifesting their signature spontaneity.  Whether it be improvising songs about a member of the audience or inviting them onstage to sing lead, Thrown-Out Bones rides the electricity of a live crowd and encourages fans to drive what each show looks and sounds like.   
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Falcon Heart.jpg

Falcon Heart

“A folksplosion of love and collaboration.” A country-infused Indie/Folk/Rock band from PDX. Breaking hearts and healing souls. Soaring, melodic harmonies, and captivating storytelling form the foundation of Falcon Heart’s Folk inspired Indie/Rock sound. With influences ranging from Band of Horses and Fleet Foxes to John Denver and The Head and The Heart, Falcon Heart expresses love, loss, and lessons learned from the evergreen city of Portland, Oregon.   
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The Resolectrics

Expanding on their love of American R&B, The Resolectrics are a rock & soul power trio exploring the vast landscapes of roots music with layered harmonies, multi-tonal guitar tracks, and ambitious arrangements. Since releasing their “Booker T. meets The Band” debut record, High Water, guitarist Tate Peterson, drummer John Becher, and bassist Bob Dunham have honed a leaner, meaner approach through continuous gigging and constant refinement. The band’s latest record, Open Seas, adds some timeless, British Invasion-style psychedelia to the mix along with a touch of horns and harmonica that help reconnect the music to its soul-based heritage. 
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Ships To Roam

Ships to Roam creates a unique, eclectic blend of Northwest indie folk and alternative country. While citing influences such as X, Rogue Wave, The Old 97’s, The War on Drugs and The Jayhawks, they’ve clearly developed a sound all their own. Formed as a solo project by Portland native, Jerome Blankenship in 2005, Ships to Roam has grown in local notability playing alongside bands like Horse Feathers, Alela Diane and Hillstomp. No based in McMinnville, Oregon, the band has grown emotionally through life altering changes that can be felt within their music. Ships to Roam are still celebrating the release of 2022’s Temporary Gift, with a new album currently in the writing phase.  
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lincoln's beard.jpg

Lincoln’s Beard

Lincoln’s Beard is an alternative/folk/rock band from Vancouver, WA. Since 2006, Lincoln’s Beard has been writing, recording, and playing their original tunes far and wide throughout the Pacific NW. Currently a 4 piece band, consisting of acoustic guitar, electric guitar/lap steel, electric bass/banjo, and drums, Lincoln’s Beard plays high energy shows that keep your feet tapping and moving. 
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Tito Padrino 2.jpg

Tito Padrino

A spin-off project of two members of Falcon Heart, Tito (Aaron Derosso) and Padrino (Anthony Messano) form a two-piece rock ‘n’ roll band from Portland, Oregon. 
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The Pale Imitations

Longtime musicians Travis Bonilla and WIll Sykes play folk Americana played as rock played as a foot chase.

Bootleg Jam.jpg

Bootleg Jam

Oregon Wine Country’s favorite bluegrass and old time music group honors the classics with precision playing and witty banter throughout their engaging live sets.

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Manitoba Road Crew

For those about to rock, MRC salutes you! Kicking off the Walnut City Music Festival with Manitoba Road Crew has become an annual tradition.

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12:15 & 1:15pm Nest & Honey -- Nest and Honey is a husband and wife duo that has been playing together for over ten years. We play a mix of cover songs you know and love as well as some original music written by Zach and Crescent Woods. ~  Facebook

2:15 & 2:15pm Josh Campos -- Josh fuses elements of bluegrass, outlaw county and rockabilly into his music. As a life long musician he has played in a number of bands over the years spanning different genres of music. This love of varying styles can be heard in the songs he write and plays today. ~  Facebook

4:55 & 6:15pm Catch & Release -- Catch & Release started making music together in 2017, finding time between full time jobs and raising families to fit in the occasional practice session and perfect our first few songs together. Over five years later, our set list has expanded to include an array of Folk/Americana covers, and we are always on the hunt for new music that lets us put our voices to work. In addition to regular appearances at open mic nights in town, we have performed at McMenamins Hotel Oregon, Mac Market, wineries in McMinnville and across the Willamette Valley, and Tendue in Portland, Oregon, as well as at various local events in and around Mac. Website ~  Facebook  Instagram

7:45 & 9:15pm Ribbon Ridge Girls -- Kelsey Foster and Alanna Pass met each other while singing in the McMinnville Women’s Choir. Discovering they were neighbors and shared a passion for singing harmony, traditional music, and guitar they dusted off their musical aspirations and formed The Ribbon Ridge Girls. They present an eclectic collection of Americana and original songs. Kelsey lives on Ribbon Ridge in rural Newberg, Oregon. Alanna lives down the hill. Both are retired teachers.



12:30 & 1:45pm Rogue Moon -- Acoustic Music from the Great NorthWest ~  Facebook  Website

2:55 & 4:15pm New Rendezvous String Band -- New Rendezvous If you can imagine sitting around the wood stove listening to a group of old friends singing songs and playing traditional American, bluegrass and Celtic tunes, you've conjured up the image and sounds of the New Rendezvous string band. Kelsey Foster plays rhythm guitar, and sings with a powerful voice. Bringing extensive knowledge and skill to the fiddle and singing harmonies is Liz Crockett. Guitar virtuoso and vocalist Peter Crockett anchors the group. Rounding out the quartet is Cam Urnes on 5- string banjo, mandolin and vocals. In the folk tradition the group may be joined by friends to enhance your musical enjoyment.

5:45pm Freddie Lamb -- Freddie Lamb has had a passion for music and entertainment his entire life. Freddie is a staple in the PNW music scene. He is a singer/songwriter that wears his heart on his sleeve. ~  Facebook  Instagram

7:15 & 8:45pm The Rivertones -- Heidi and Matt, husband and wife duo. They sing a mix of folk, classic rock, and celtic music. They have been singing for over 20 years at coffee shops, wineries, and around community fires. Their music takes on several tones, as a river moves along different paths, hence the name Rivertones.


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Past Lineups


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The Black Tones

J Graves

Thrown-out Bones



Falcon Heart

Rum River Cult

Acousta Noir

Missing Mars


Bootleg Jam

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The Yawpers

Valley Queen

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The Solarists


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Manitoba Road Crew


Helio Sequence

The Stone Foxes

Marty O'Reilly & The Old Soul Orchestra


Ivory Deville

The Mondegreens

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Erisy Watt

Scratchdog Stringband


Sarah Parson

Bootleg Jam

Manitoba Road Crew


Matthew Logan Vasquez


The John Dough Boys

Kay Myers & The Buzzards

Harvey Fox

The Lower 48

Lincoln's Beard

Ben Rice

Scratchdog Stringband

Tara Velarde

West Valley Shakers

Black & Blue

Manitoba Road Crew


The Stone Foxes

The Builders and The Butchers

The Weather Machine

The Hill Dogs

The Lower 48

James Kindle & The Eastern Oregon

Lincoln's Beard

Centaur Midwife

Acousta Noir

Dan Weber

Jenna May Ellefson

The Yamhillbillies

Manitoba Road Crew


Have Gun, Will Travel

World's Finest


Billy Manzik

Ships To Roam

Dad Works Hard


Radiation City

Keaton Collective


The Weather Machine

The Jackalope Saints

The Hill Dogs

River Twain

Ships To Roam

Family Night

Run and Tell That


The  Builders and The Butchers


Keaton Collective

Tony Smiley

Lincoln's Beard

The Hill Dogs

Palace Fiction

The Weather Machine

Dan Weber

Sky Bound Blue

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